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Tango Mango. Mateo Sanboval. Christopher Ellis. Alan Senior. David Weideman.

Whispers in the Wind

Wyndham Rain. Geoffrey Elgey. Paul Fillery. John Forster. Unfortunately, when it comes to Billie's affections, Max is positively beside himself. While he knows he stirs her nightly passions, the local vicar John Bosworth has become quite her confidante these past weeks, and is obviously stirring her softer emotions. And no amount of bellowing at her to get rid of the fop is doing him any good whatsoever. He's got to find a killer, that must be his top priority, but he can't keep his mind off Billie, despite knowing his time running out.

One way or another, his ghostly spirit will be laid to rest. I freely admit, I'm not a history buff. I couldn't begin to critique a historical romance on the merits of historical accuracy beyond the most egregious anachronisms. Like the use of a cell phone in Regency England or something. I don't even read enough historical romance to have more than the most basic grasp of certain times and cultures, so my feelings about this book are in no way based on technical historical accuracy.

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It was only fair to get that off my chest, because I loved this book. I did. It's probably a novella.

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  • Not only was the book not bad yeah, I know, double negative - sorry , but it also was in no way a novella. In fact, it's quite a thorough and lengthy book, so my deal-loving, reading-frenzied heart just went pitter-patter all the way through the thing. The characters were great. I loved, loved, loved Billie, who was so clearly American in all ways. I can't recall ever reading a book quite like this before, where the effects of the difference in the cultures between America and a feudal England were so brilliantly utilized as both character development and a plot device.

    Billie, a relatively common woman by Nantucket standards, fresh from a country that disdains any form of monarchy and raised to be a self sufficient and independent free-thinker is thrust into a position of Lady of a wealthy manor and suddenly has servants and social obligations. Not only does her upbringing so clearly define her mind and actions, it totally confuses and enchants And I thought her reaction to the ghost of Maximillian was both adorable and believable.

    Had it been a contemporary novel, it would not have worked for me at all, but it wasn't, and it did. Expounding any more on that would give away too many of the secrets of the book, so I won't.

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    • Actually, about those secrets It was relatively easy to suss out the mystery and put all the pieces of the great big puzzle together pretty much from the beginning. If I was forced to say anything critical about the book, I guess that would be it. For all the twists and turns of the plot, and there were a plethora of them, none of it was in any way surprising to me, so the impact of any big reveal moment just didn't work. That usually annoys me. In fact, I've criticized more than one book for that very thing, and yet in this case, it just didn't.

      And I know why it didn't.

      Because Billie was just so darn appealing a character, and she didn't take any guff from Max, no matter how loudly he bellowed or how insistent he became, or how annoying he was popping into any room he wanted whenever he wanted. I just loved that about her.

      And so I didn't much care that she wasn't as astute in figuring out one or two tiny little plot points. She was brave, and she stood up for herself, and she relied on herself. I admired that. Yeah, Max was a charmer, too. His whole Lord of the Manor attitude was so completely ineffectual with Billie that it was hard not to just be amused by it. And Billie did figure out quite a lot, even if she wasn't totally certain of some things.

      I loved them together. I even liked the vicar, who just gave Max fits. I certainly have no complaints over the technical writing aspects either. The narrative was smooth, nicely descriptive, and the dialogue fast and fun and conversational So yeah, I guess there were aspects of the plot that were a bit too easy to figure out, but in the end, for me it all came down to the characters and their chemistry. It came down to Billie. And Max. And my deal-loving, book-hungry Kindle. If you like fun characters with tons of chemistry and a female heroine with more spine than common sense to be fair, she had a lot of spine in your historical romance and don't mind a ghost or two, I can happily recommend Whispers on the Wind.

      In fact, at that price, I pretty much insist on it. Okay, I have to go right into how I felt about this book. I absolutely loved this book, it was so enticing and grabbed my attention in an instant! Even the synopsis just pulled me in. The characters in this story are so well defined and I loved how Belinda was portrayed. Belinda is the outspoken, intelligent, clever woman, an absolute match for Maximillian who as you guessed is an arrogant yet handsome man. I enjoy reading stories that set back in the 19th or even older centuries where the women Okay, I have to go right into how I felt about this book.

      I enjoy reading stories that set back in the 19th or even older centuries where the women are portrayed has having the same intelligence and courage as men. This story grabbed me from the very start when the author introduced Belinda as traveling through the storm, and immediately describes the haunting of the Manor.

      This got the best of my curiosity and as you guessed it I wanted to read more! The twist as the book neared to an end really got the best of me. I was absolutely shocked and I just couldn't stop smiling while reading the book! You guys will know why if you read this book. The only negative comment I have to say is that I wished the scene in which the culprit was captured was elaborated in more details. Because I sure do want to know what happened to that person and what the punishment was.

      Besides that I loved this book!


      Whispers on the Wind by Donna Fletcher

      It definitely is a sweet blend of romance and mystery, which is a great combination for a book. I assure you, you will be smiling during most of this read! Just don't let anyone catch you smiling, they might think your crazy!

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      Hero 1 : Lord of the manor. Arrogant, stern. Hero 2 : Vicar. Caring, thoughtful. Heroine : Bright, free 20yo American from Nantucket with no family left. Paranormal : Light paranormal with ghosts. Completely anachronistic story with some twisty turns and explicit sex.

      It wasn't a great historical by any means.