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It so struck her, she said, that she was moved to volunteer for an anti-abortion pregnancy center.

In Davenport, Iowa, the St. Maggie Schoonmaker, a fertility educator who was involved in the effort, said she felt compelled to spread the word about the film.


Abby Lee Miller Walks in Public for the First Time in Over a Year: Watch the Emotional Video

Then it was an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, normally a kiss of death in evangelical, Mormon and other religious communities. Of course, no film is entitled to media exposure. For now, the writer-directors Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon can console themselves with a hit.

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The movie comes as conservatives are feeling emboldened to roll back abortion rights , including potentially overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, after the confirmation last October of Justice Brett Kavanaugh solidified their majority on the Supreme Court.

Maddie Ziegler On Her Relationship With 'Dance Moms' Coach Abby Lee Miller - People NOW - People

Twitter restored the account after outraged filmgoers flooded them with complaints. Over eight years, Johnson rose through the Planned Parenthood ranks from volunteer escort, to counselor to one of the youngest clinic directors in the country.

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As she administered the sonogram, Johnson heard a beating heart and saw a human life. Then she watched in horror as the doctor inserted the suction tube.

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The abortionist turned on the suction and I saw that baby get sucked apart right in front of me on the screen and inches from the probe I was holding. Johnson calculates she was personally culpable in about 22, Planned Parenthood abortions — including two of her own unborn children.

The movie is a story not of condemnation, but of redemption, forgiveness and hope.

'Unplanned' Film: Actress Portraying Abby Johnson Nearly Lost to Abortion

Apparently that is a message that resonates with moviegoers. The film is opening on more screens this weekend, to a total of 1, So that means they agree that abortion is a violent and disturbing act.

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  7. Yes, Cheryl, the clinic director who hired Abby, is evil to the point of caricature. But the movie also shows Abby, before her conversion, passionately explaining to her parents why she believes she is helping women.

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    • Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to a year in prison due to bankruptcy fraud.

    She wants to reduce the number of abortions by making abortion less necessary.