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The death penalty is, in addition, a greater measure of self defense, as living murderers do harm and murder, again, in prison, after escape and after improper release. Executed murderers do not.

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The death penalty is founded in justice, based upon the sanction being deserved and, secondarily, it is a greater protector of innocent lives. Any commutation of sentence in this case will just be a clear example that Gattis can be released at any time by any future governor who may find it appropriate, no matter what agreements are made, today — agreements which are, legally irrelevant, in any future executive clemency considerations.

All bets are off, with any future governor. End of story. It is a promise that no one can, honestly, make. No worries, gentlemen, Gattis will always be subject to release, if his death sentence is commuted. As is clear, any alleged positive changes in Gattis are based upon him being sentenced to death. Put another way, it was only because Gattis was given the death sentence that we see any alleged benefits in Gattis, today.

Everyone knows Gattis is only telling the truth to avoid a death sentence. In other words, this has nothing to do with a changed man, but is only about self preservation by a premeditated murderer.

It is most likely that he is lying about the additional sexual, abuse, only because, again, he is facing the death penalty and wants commutation. Sexual abuse was part of his original trial mitigating factors. He waited 19 years to bring up the alleged additional evidence of sexual abuse, which if true, he would have brought up at trial, 19 years ago.

Would Gattis lie to avoid a death sentence?

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Do both lying to avoid the death penalty and telling the truth to avoid the death penalty tell us anything about Gattis being a changed man? Of course it does. The disparity is not that Gattis received the death penalty for his crimes, but that other similar crimes did not. It is an insult to all victims that sentencing disparities should be used as a reason to mitigate this sentence, when the board has no way of knowing if any of the 19 years in hiding claims of sexual abuse are true. If sentencing disparities are to be used in the context of victims, it should be used as a barometer to increase sentences, not to reduce them.

Although the Board cannot increase sentences, it seems they only viewed disparities in the light to benefit criminals, not victims. It is no mystery that any murderer who would wait 22 years to tell the truth to avoid execution would also wait 19 years to lie to avoid execution. An additional commutation excuse, without reasoning, is the fact that the Board considered it important that the jury was not unanimous in their recommendation of death for Gattis. As ridiculous as that sounds, that is, precisely, what we are all being asked to swallow. Remember innocent abuse and murder victim Shirley Slay and remember the importance of justice.

Both have gotten less than their fair share of attention. Interesting non argument for inhibiting the citizen protection responsibility of the State.

Perhaps those who rashly, unjustly and continually call for and administer the death penalty should have clear, well defined, uncompromising guidelines to follow when imposing this penalty. The imposition of the death penalty without DNA evidence seems to be completely misguided, irresponsible and anti-life. As I have never heard of a case of a gun pulling its own trigger I have not heard of the death penalty executing anyone. The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks to this issue very well. In Nebraska, none of those on Death Row claims not to have committed the heinous murders that got them there.

We have only 10 people on our Death Row right now, but there have been 2, homicides in Nebraska since That shows how ultra-seriously a capital case is treated, and how capital punishment is reserved for only the most horrible, heinous murders. Our criminal justice system is built on atonement more than rehabilitation. For the very, very worst cases, there is only one way: capital punishment. In addition to English editions, you'll also find books in foreign languages such Russian, Spanish and Japanese to name a few.

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